A Traveler’s Guide from Denmark to Italy by Car

Italy is known for its rich history, known for the famous city state of Vatican City, known for good food and great people, not to mention the fascinating landscapes and beaches. Getting there by car from Denmark could be the adventure you are waiting for, but it’s not going to be as easy as getting a car with a car hire company, hop on and go. You need to check a few things before traveling.

denmarkdrive1Denmark to Italy is approximately 18 hours travel, exactly 1,224 miles or 1,070 kilometers and if you are going to Italy with a friend or with your family it’s best to plan this trip thoroughly.

Some websites would help you do your budget plans, they provide driving calculators such as the estimate cost of gas, car mileage, road maps and suggested cheap car hire companies. If you plan to stop by a hotel and rest, it’s best to make an early booking and reservations. The best city to stop is the city half way from Denmark to Italy, which would be in Nuremberg Germany. The city provides affordable hotels like the Appart hotel Tassilo and room for two could only cost from $70 to $80, Smile Hotel is another charming hotel with rates ranging from $75 to $90 a room for two as well. You may also want to check if they have a free breakfast buffet and that would save you a lot.

Safety first is the number one rule in driving, especially in Denmark. Denmark has strict drink driving laws, and I suggest that since it’s going to be a long drive, it’s wiser not to consume any alcoholic drink before, and during the trip. Seat belts on front and rear are obligatory, and if you are bringing a child with you make sure they use a proper child restraint or car seat. Always check and bring with you proper documentations such as driver license, passport, valid identification card, car documents and registrations. If you are going to a car hire in Italy or Denmark as a variety of companies that provides cheap, safe and reliable cars.

The cost would depend on the car you would like to have; standard rate good for four people would range from 99 to 120 Euros. Again, it’s cheaper to book online, and smarter to make reservations ahead of time so that the availability of the car would be secured. Read terms and conditions, ask all the questions under the sun and cars must be inclusive with, liability insurance, check cancellation fees, unlimited mileage, collision damage waiver, vehicle theft waiver, any other fees and vat fee. After completing all the booking and reservations, you can no enjoy a safe and adventurous road trip from Denmark to Italy.

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