Beautiful Private Villas in Tropical Paradise – Changing Accommodation Options and Choices

Hotels are the best to stay when you’re in a foreign place and in a holiday. However, when you’re in Bali or other tropical paradise, staying in a private villa makes the stay even more exciting, fun-filled and one of a kind. While hotels definitely provide the best amenities, a
villa with 2 bedrooms in Seminyak in particular has the same amenities but the big difference is a private villa is your home away from home. It means you have a living room or receiving room, a kitchen to prepare and cook your food, a private room and private pool or swing-up bar and extended patio where you can give small party or entertainment.  And, that’s not all one gets from opting to stay in a private villa. Here are some more.

young people relaxFamily and friends staying under one roof

In hotels, if you’re traveling with friends or family, you’ll get separate rooms whereas in a private villa, your family and friends stay together under one roof and do activities together without having to meet somewhere in hotel’s lobby or corridors.  A villa with 2 bedrooms in Seminyak is spacious enough to sleep up to 4 persons so a group traveling together need not to get separated. There is also provision for front yard where kids can run and have fun as much as they want.

Ultimate privacy

In hotels, you share the amenities with other guests and staying in a private villa such as a 2 bedroom in Seminyak allows you to do your activities without the crowd. You have your own private pool and by all means, don’t have to share it with the other guests. With Canggu villas built in private lands and space, you will be enjoying your personal space in quiet and serene surroundings. Most of these villas are with beautiful landscapes and tropical gardens allowing you to enjoy “your own little paradise” if you stay inside most of the days.

Best service

In hotels, you eat in restaurants and get spa service in in-house spas unlike in private luxury Bali villas, you’ll have your own chef to prepare and cook your food and service staff like butler, housekeeper and a nanny or a sitter if you need one. All of these staffs are at your back and on-call, and they’re trained to be gracious host. In many cases, private 2 bedrooms in Canggu enjoy the best reviews because previous guests enjoyed so much the service and the way hosts have treated them.

Private Villas in a tropical paradise add more to the attractions and it’s definitely changing travelers’ accommodation options and choices.

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