Choose Your Thailand Hotel Wisely

If you’re planning to go to Thailand this summer, you’ll need to consider where you’re going to stay at. Thailand hotels are available for those who want a convenient place to stay. There are hotels all over the place since the country is a popular tourist destination.

Depositphotos_10557862_s-2015The problem is, which of these Thailand hotels you are going to stay at. There are a lot of places to choose from and it can be hard to make that choice. It can help to narrow down your choices by dividing them into three types: budget, boutique, and luxury.

Depending on how much money you can spend, this may determine where you will be staying. Here’s a brief rundown on all three types of Thailand hotels.

Being on a budget

There are a lot of things to do in Thailand. If you prefer spending your money on these activities, then your cash will most likely be enough only for a budget hotel. These hotels are meant for those with small amounts of spending cash and it shows.

A lot of budget hotels offer only basic services. This means you’ll have a room and a washroom. You’ll most likely end up sharing a toilet and a bathroom with others on your floor. These hotels are clean enough, but they’re not as fancy as more expensive hotels. Additionally, you’ll probably only get a free meal if the hotel has a kitchen. You’ll most likely need to buy food outside.

For those with a bit more

There are some things to do in Bangkok that don’t cost as much. If you budget your traveling cash properly, you may be able to afford something classier than a budget hotel. Boutique hotels are for those who have a thicker wallet than others. Boutique hotels usually have around a hundred rooms or so. They also have their own kitchens and bars.

The main difference between boutique hotels and budget hotels is that they are a lot fancier. Instead of just the basics, the extra payment will get you a room with your own bathroom and even air-conditioning. You can even expect a WiFi connection. 24/7 room service is also available.

Going all-in

Some Bangkok hotels are for big spenders. Most luxury hotels don’t just rent individual rooms but whole suites. These luxury hotels also provide everything that you could possibly want. This ranges from 24/7 room service to access to the hotel gym.

You will be paying a premium for all of these benefits, but you can be sure that it is worth it. The problem is that there are only select luxury hotels in the area. You’ll probably be limited in choice.

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