France: Among The Finest In Culture, Cuisine and Lifestyle

If you are a globetrotter looking for unparalleled finesse in the cuisine and culture or for simply an experience of quality life, then French culture or France in general is one place you cannot miss.french_tour

France has reputation that simply suggests that there is no place on earth like this. Paris, the fashion capital of the world is to some the “City of Light” while to others it is more than that. Paris is the mecca for the people in love; it is the most romantic city in the world.

France is not just about different cultures; it is literally the birthplace of the term “culture”. The word culture is derived from the same term and means to tend to nature, earth and grow and cultivate. France is culturally influenced by the Gallo Roman and Celtic culture a well by the German tribe, Franks.

If you are travelling to France, you will do yourself a favor by learning little French. Majority of the population in the country speaks French. It is also the second widely learned language in the world. Other languages spoken in France are German, Arabic, Breton, Occitan and Catalan with a few others.

France is predominantly a Catholic country with the other major religion being Islam. The people of France have always taken great pride in the history and culture of their nation that is often interpreted as rude by the foreigners. In fact the word “chauvinism” which means having a feeling of superiority against the other sex or to think that your country and culture etc. is better than others, originated in France in around 1851.

The French are very open about love and sex outside marriage. Families are open to children being born out of wedlock. Even public figures like politicians and other celebrities do make any effort to keep their love life private. As a proof of this open culture in the country, half of the children born in France are out of wedlock or have single parents.

The French are known to be one of the most stylish and sophisticated people. They even take pride in the fact that every part of France, be it public or private, have a regal tone to them.

When it comes to French cuisine, it is never complete without a bottle of wine. People of France love to eat and drink. They love their food and wine at all levels of the social strata and socializing is something that does not happen without food in France.

Paris is home to the very high-end fashion brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Dior. The people of France they love to dress and are very sophisticated and fashion conscious. France is also famous for their art that is much appreciated by the locals there. Famous artists like Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Edgar Degas to name a few, drew inspiration for their famous creations in Paris. The largest museum for art in the world, the Louvre Museum is located in Paris.

In short if you want to see the perfect blend of beautiful nature with man made wonders than plan your travel to France soon.

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