How Car Suspensions are Fixed

Having a car offers many conveniences. These days, people need to have one, if only to meet the demands of work, family, lifestyle and a great number of places waiting to be visited. However, owning a vehicle is not purely about starting the engine and driving around. Cars also need care and maintenance, much like other things that people use. Proper vehicle maintenance does not only make the car safer, it also makes the car last longer.

One of the components that need maintenance is the suspension. This is a complex system that carries the load, maintains suspensiontraction with the road and absorbs the irregularities of the surface. A 4-wheel drive suspension has the same functions; the only difference is that all four wheels drive the car forward or backwards, adding more stress to the suspension components.

Following the periodic maintenance schedule on the owner’s manual will do wonders to keep your car in tip-top condition. But, sometimes there are incidents that cannot be avoided like potholes that were not there before, bumps or rocks that seem to come out of nowhere, miscalculations and many other events that we humans just cannot always control. These surprises tend to damage some parts of the suspension. Soon there will be strange noises coming from under the car while it is in motion, or worse, your car has a tendency to steer to the left or right.

Fixing the car’s suspension is no easy task. It requires the services of suspension technicians with the training, skills and tools to work on the car. Technicians also need a garage so that they can use a lifter to prop the car up and remove all the wheels to gain access to the suspension. They can fix most car suspensions including AMG suspension.

Racing cars, on the other hand, have a different set of suspenders compared to road cars. First of all, the components are designed to maximize traction and handling. The comfort of the passengers is not a consideration since only the driver will be riding. High speeds, quick acceleration and fast cornering are the keys to winning a race, and the role of the suspension is critical.

Generally, a race car is lowered to keep the center of gravity lower; this also helps in aerodynamics. A racing suspension is usually firm so that the tires and the car in general, can stick better to the tarmac. Race mechanics are in charge of setting the suspension up for lower lap times. They are also responsible for fixing a race car’s suspension.

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