Other Than the Maldives’ Waves – Extremely Good Surfing Destination Alternatives with the Best Accommodation

Surfing is a sport that brings a balanced lifestyle, and surfers enjoy a super fun pastime out of it. This is the reason why surfers all over the world seek the best place for surfing, a place synonymous to great waves and surfing experience. Fortunately, great wave destinations don’t only offer the best waves but as well as wonderful accommodation like surf resorts in Maldives offering the best the world can offer. Other than the waves in Maldives, here are Bali’s surfing destinations with the best accommodation offer.

Kuta beach

sea-912560_640It’s basically for surfing beginners. The waves are of average height and usually with soft tides. It is best for white water surfing or surfing the waves after they break and rolling back to the beach. Like surf resorts in Maldives, Kuta surf resorts are properties with private parking and entrances. There are properties with shared lounge where fellow surfers can mingle together and talk or celebrate surfing success.

Canggu Beach

Canggu offers surfing experience for beginners but slightly a bit challenging than Kuta beach. The wave is generally friendly for all surfers but there are occasions when waves can get faster especially when the tide is up. Since Canggu is close to Seminyak, most surf resorts are in Seminyak area. Seminyak being an upscale area, expect to find upscale accommodation that caters to high-end travelers and surfing aficionados. Like surf resorts in Maldives, the resorts are properties with private parking, gardens and amenities like free wi-fi, in-house restaurants, spa and massage treatment and private bathroom and shower. There is also in-house surfing school and surfing shops for surfing tools and equipment.

Ulu Watu

Surfers from all over the world recognize Ulu Watu’s wave as among the best. Professional surfers love its consistent Peak wave in front of Ulu Watu’s cave and the big swell on its outside corners. Surf camps in Bali usually suggest its racetracks for tube riders but caution to surfers on its reefs and shallow water. Ulu Watu is crowded during the month of August when swells are big as surfers from different places come to enjoy its paddle-out cave, and  the Peak, which is about 100 meters in height. Ulu Watu hotels as well as surf chapters in Bali welcome surfers with great amenities and surfing privileges, surfing lessons and the best surfing teachers.

Maldives is famous for its waves and surfing however if you want extremely good alternatives , Bali’s surfing beaches and resorts offer the wave, the peak and the fun and the best accommodation  that extends the experience  beyond the fun and thrill of surfing.


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Other Than the Maldives’ Waves - Extremely Good Surfing Destination Alternatives with the Best Accommodation, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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