Perks of a Beach front Resort in Gili Islands

The islands of Gili have exploded into popularity because of its three small islets that boast of lines of coconut trees and long shorelines of white sands surrounded by turquoise seawaters. Because thousands of tourists flock the islands yearly, there has been a continuous construction of new Gili island hotels almost every month. Since the islands became popular across Indonesia and all over the world, speedboats keep bringing tourists from Bali to any of the three small islets of Gili.

There are top and undeniable reasons why people keep visiting the place and why they choose to stay in one of the many beach front hotels in Gili Air, Gili Trawangan or Gili Meno. Some of the perks are:

Breathtaking view of the sea

Depositphotos_51302979_s-2015When you say first class accommodation, one basic offer that a hotel should be able to provide is the breathtaking view of the surroundings. Staying in a hotel located in front of a beach, you’ll definitely fall in love with the panoramic view of the convergence of white sands and emerald waters. The meeting of the turquoise seawater and blue sky is as lovely. Experiencing this in Gili Islands will make you want to stay longer because every moment is just like you’re in paradise.

Numerous options for accommodation

Businessmen in Gili know that there are different types of tourists and travelers. They recognize the fact that there are those who look for luxurious rooms while there are those who want budget hotels. This has resulted to the establishment of the different types of accommodations. But they have two things in common: All Gili island hotels are world-class and many are located at the beach front.

Aside from the everyday spectacular view, part of being world-class includes offering of amenities and services such as restaurants, beachfront bars, gym or fitness centers, surfing charters, sports and recreational areas, massage spas, sauna rooms, infinity pools, and others. Almost every Gili Islands accommodation offers many of these amenities.

Hospitable employees

Your stay in any of the three islands won’t be complete without the warm welcome of the employees. They are very hospitable people and will assist you whenever you need them. Gili island hotels understand that people who come are tired from their flights and, thus, must be treated with utmost care and assistance.

With these, it is apparent that the breathtaking view, essential amenities, and hospitable people are what make hotels in Gili truly world-class.

The Gili Island, despite its size is now very famous because of its nature-rich views. Many tourists flock here for the beach haven.

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