Safety Measures that every Builder should Take

The construction industry has always been at the top of the list with the highest number of fatalities. Likewise, this industry is also one of those fields with the highest number of onsite workers. It is definitely undeniable that the construction industry’s onsite workers face hazards and dangers every working day. Though the safety and health risks could be considered part of the job they applied for, no construction firm should undermine the importance of taking precautionary measures. Whether it is in operating large-scale building equipment such as scissor lifts or in wearing safety gear such as a hard hat, safety should always be a priority.

elevatedworkplatformFor mid-scale or small-sized construction firms who are not yet financially equipped to invest on their own equipment, they could always rent the tools they need. These firms need to ensure that they are also dealing with reputable and trusted companies. Some large-scale construction companies even offer their equipment such as cherry pickers for hire or for rent. Avoid renting equipment that has not been used for a very long time. Check the usage period of these tools and the accidents and hazards that occurred with these tools. All processes involving these tools should be carefully planned out – from deployment to the demolition of these large-scale building platforms.

Since your workers will be working at height, an emergency and rescue plan is considered mandatory. Training is essential to ensure that you and your workers are properly oriented on the actions to take when unfortunate situations occur. You should also have rescue kits on hand. Any elevated work platform including scaffolds should be inspected prior to usage to ensure that the platform is in good condition. The platform should also be inspected regularly throughout the entire duration of the construction project. Protective gear or clothing, especially head protection, should be required from all workers at all times. There should be no exemption. Clothing of workers should also be regulated.

Whether you are a small-scale building contractor or a high-end construction firm, safety and health of your workers should be your business. Aside from your legal responsibility over them, your name and credibility as the construction manager will also be put on the line. Accidents and hazards can also cause delays on your project. These delays can spell millions of dollars. A system on occupational health surveillance should be developed and strictly enforced. Always keep yourself updated on the latest standards of safety in the construction industry.

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