Smooth and Silky Skin

It’s a big surprise to know that doing common daily habits could lead to smooth, clear and healthy skin. And if you’re unknowingly doing these common habits regularly, you’re definitely cutting down your trip to laser hair removal Sydney to get flawless and smooth skin.

Washing face with basic soap and water

Hair TreatmentYes, plain soap and water is all you need to wash off the dirt. Have you ever wondered why baby skin is soft and smooth? It’s because moms are advised by doctors to wash baby’s skin with water alone or with little soap.  Washing face and skin with mild soap and rinsing it off well will keep skin free from dirt that is responsible for clogged pores, which are basically the culprit behind skin breakdown or acne. Laser Hair Removal Sydney also advises clients to stay away from beauty soaps with harsh chemicals.

Eating vegetables and fruits

If you love munching veggies like cucumber, tomato, broccoli or carrots, you’re doing a good deed for your skin. Veggies are good source of nutrients that nourish the skin and keep them supple and healthy. Tomato for example is a good source of vitamin C, and it has cooling and astringent properties. Eating raw tomato helps skin gets rid of excess oil in skin that causes clogging the pores. Tomato is also a good ingredient for a facemask and adding some honey will result to a natural skin moisturizers. Applying tomato in the face will give you flawless skin as if you’ve been given facial treatment from a laser hair removal Sydney. Give thanks if eating raw tomato is one of your daily regimens.

Not sleeping late

If you’re not a late sleeper, you’re doing a good job for your skin. Remember, good sleep is responsible for glowing and healthy skin and sleeping late or depriving yourself with 8 to 10 hours of night sleeps makes your skin dull and ugly. No matter how much you pay for regular laser hair removal, if you’re not a good sleeper, your skin will lost its natural glow. So if you’re sleeping like a hog, bless your soul as you’re doing a nice job in keeping your skin healthy.

Exfoliating your skin

Deep skin cleansing and exfoliating are what take off those stubborn dirt on skin. If you’re a person who love soaking your skin on tubs and do this regularly, you’re on the right track to supple and smooth skin. For professional exfoliating and skin scrubbing service, you can get it from Skin Treatment Top Ryde for silky and smooth skin.

Chances are, we’re doing these common habits but if you’re not, it’s time to practice them for great-looking skin.

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