The Distinctive Features of Credit Cards in Norway

More and more people have at least one credit card in their wallets which is often used and gives them the opportunity to save time. Naturally, there are many banks in each country which offer their credit card services to customers with special terms. Norway is not an exception, and like in other countries banking industry of Norway is developing showing considerable growth rates. Obviously, Norwegian credit cards have their own features and specific that may differ from other countries’ ones.

kredittkortFirst of all, the banks that provide such services have their own rates and terms so that a customer could choose one of options offered. For instance, the person who owns DNB MasterCard is able to do shopping easily and has attractive travel discounts. Moreover, the uniqueness of this card is represented by the fact that if the company where cardholder works has an agreement with DNB MasterCard, 50% of the annual card fee is returned to the customer. However, that is business related MasterCard. (Her kan du sammeligne alle kredittkort på markedet)

Another kind of credit cards which Norwegian banks offer is private cards for personal use which have their own features aimed to individuals. As an example, DNB Private MasterCard can be taken. It guarantees the cardholder no annual fees for card usage, fee-free purchases in Norway, and an interest-free credit for 45 days. Naturally, it has more features than above-mentioned ones, but those are the main traits.

Finally, all credit cards in Norway have the highest level of security, i.e. purchase protection, which guarantees the customers that their savings are in safe. It is one of the most important factors for all people which influences their choice.
All things considered, credit cards in Norway are the essential part of life for people who live there. Top quality of protection, a big variety of useful features as well as service provided by Norwegian banks make credit cards an indispensable tool for customers easing their life and helping them to avoid such problems as making payment or money transfer.

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