The lavender fields in Provence, France

lavenderLavender fields is a stunning and beautiful place and often listed as one the most beautiful places in the world and the Provence Region of France has some of the most beautiful and stunning lavender fields. These lavender fields come to full bloom in mid -July in places like Plateau de Valensole and Plateau de Sault , the two main areas of lavender cultivation in Provence, France. The best route to visit these lavender fields is through the back roads where everybody can have the chance to see and enjoy the lavender in full bloom. You can drive your own car or engage yourself in a back road trip to enjoy stop-by-stop the glory and the beauty of the Provence including a day trip to the lavender fields in a peaceful valley setting. Aside from seeing the breath-taking views of lavender in bloom and breathing the fragrant scent of the air, France travelers are also treated to different lavender fetes and activities that complete a lavender field’s day trip. Visitors are treated to a showcase of local crafts using lavender such as soap making, essential oils extracting, flower drying, bouquet making and other crafts using lavender. There is also the inclusion of a trip in lavender distilleries for visitors to see the distillation process and the rare chance to get inspired and moved by the full scent of this lovely and fragrant flower. A bonus from the trip is a lesson of how to make lavender perfumes.

While fruit picking in other areas in France bring amazing and awesome experience, lavender picking during the harvest season brings a different kind of experience for everyone. It touches the soul and the spirit and relaxes the mind and the body. With the magical and inspirational view of the lavender, France travelers are destined to experience a mix of spirit and body renewals and to a different taste of a natural aromatherapy.

The lavender trip is capped with relaxing and pampering accommodations in local French hotels and villas. The trip can be a one-course trip or a part of a Provence tour depending on how you want to spend your day in the Provence Region. Another great inclusion is a delicious treat at the table with sumptuous French dishes.

Nothing can match the beauty of the lavender fields in bloom and its stunning sight has even made to the list of the top places in the world to see before dying. But with such beautiful sight one gets more inspiration to live longer to enjoy beauty more than before.

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