Top 6 Romantic Things To Do In Paris, The City of Love


Paris isn’t called Europe’s romantic capital for nothing. For over two millennia, this particular French metropolis has influenced the culture, fashion as well as politics of the entire world. It isn’t any wonder then that there are a plethora of romantic things which you can do in this amazing urban center. In short, it’s the location where you take your lover, fiancé, or spouse for a romantic getaway. In case you are contemplating a romantic weekend in this beautiful city and prepared to travel to France, here are the top 6 romantic things to do in Paris:

  1. Visit the top-class museums

While you’re in Paris, visiting some of the numerous art museums is important. The Louvre happens to be amongst the world’s biggest and most well-known museums, and you will find it right in the center of Paris. You will witness famous artworks like the Mona Lisa as well as the Venus de Milo. Probably you may also seek out the smaller museums such as the Cité de la Musique and the Maison de Balzac.

  1. Enjoying tango 

So long as the weather conditions are good, tango enthusiasts assemble at the mini amphitheaters on the banks the Seine River to dance provocatively till twilight. In case you do not wish to join in, sitting along with a bottle of red wine on the staircase, watching the dancers is still absolutely thrilling and extremely atmospheric. An old man usually sits on the edge of the Seine playing tango-esque music and also guarding the belongings of the dancers. The visitors watch silently, being attentive to the dragging of the tango feet. Gorgeous Parisian ladies often turn up here in provocative summer costumes, waiting for a request from the strangers to dance with them.

  1. Moulin Rouge Show 

It is awesome. It is spectacular. It is amazing. And there can really be no other metropolis better than Paris for watching this particular show. It’s pricey, yes. However, you might opt for the one devoid of dinner. Watch in enchantment the gorgeous showgirls in this renowned show.

  1. Passionate Horse and Carriage Ride

Riding through the avenues of this romantic city on a horse and carriage is undoubtedly one of the most charming things to perform in Paris. Watch the stunning city as you cuddle up with your companion on your royal carriage with the driver acting as the guide.

  1. Eiffel Tower Dinner

Not just climb on top of the legendary Eiffel tower. But also, dine at the topmost point of the capital of France. It will be prudent to book an Eiffel tower tour via a tour operator so as to skip the very long queue and also save your priceless vacation time.

  1. Enjoy a drink at La Cave de Belleville

This particular newly opened bar is a great way to take pleasure in an intimate night in Paris. A plethora of wine lines the wall and you will find the price written on the bottle. Request the warm and friendly staff for suggestions and spend the night sipping on a glass snuggled around a candle lit table. You will discover very quickly why France is referred to as the homeland of wine.

After going through the above-mentioned top 6 romantic things to do in Paris, you should not have any doubt regarding the charm of this fantastic city and, therefore, do not hesitate to travel to France with your partner and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

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