Travel to France for a splendid experience!

french_alpsFrance probably happens to be one of the most famous countries in the whole world that has remained popular since the ancient times. With its rich and affluent history and culture the country has evolved to be one of the super powers in the fields of economy, art, politics and history. It is not possible to describe such an illustrious country in just few words so the best idea to know this famous place is to visit her. It would be a good idea to plan a travel to France this time if you are going on a holiday. Located in the beautiful Europe the country has stunning locales with picturesque Alps surrounding the northern part. Once you visit the place you get to experience the best French mountains with lush green valleys and rolling streams.

Visiting France…

So now that you have made up your mind to visit France you need to understand a few things that would help you have a better view of the place and enjoy each and every bit of your time spent memorable. One of the secrets of its immense beauty is that it is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the whole of Europe. Along with its enormous treasure of history and culture, the country is a paradise when it comes to natural beauty. It is no less than a heaven on earth with its rolling hills, green pastures, flowing brooks and its picture perfect country side. You can immerse yourself in the glorious history of this country while you visit some of the famous churches, museums and palaces.

Getting there…

Travelling to France is not a problem at all. Being one of the most famous places on the earth, the country is well connected with all the major countries of the world. Hundreds of international flights ply everyday from the Charles De Gaulle airport of Paris. If you stay in Europe then there are lots of options to travel to this place. The Railway system of Europe is one of the best in the world and you can have a great experience if you travel by train passing by the Alps on your journey. You can even take buses to get there. However, you would need to enquire about the availability of the buses to Paris or other cities in France from your city. If you live in a neighbouring country then riding in your car can also be fun.

Places to visit…

When it is about France you just cannot rule out Paris, the capital city and definitely one of the most celebrated places on earth since the time of French revolution. With its dense population and busy streets Paris still reigns as the most romantic cities in the world. The beautiful Seine River is a major attraction and how can we forget the Eiffel Tower? Tourists never miss a cruise on the Seine and also visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, the Moulin Rouge, Louvre Museum, and Lido. A large part of this city along with the Seine River has been declared a Heritage site by the UNESCO and it also has the maximum number of Michelin restaurants than in any other cities. Popularly known as the City of Lights, the place is the epitome of the world fashion.

Apart from the capital you must not miss Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Bourges, Lille and of course the French Riviera. All these places have their own charm strewn with grand historical evidences and natural splendour. Once you visit France, you are surely going to come for more. The best season to visit this country is during the spring when the flowers bloom and the temperature is warm and nice.

Truly overwhelming cuisines…

Just like her history and natural beauty, France is also one of the top contenders in cuisine. It has its own top rank in the world cuisine that starts rights from the making of cheese. A lot of people visit France to try out the delectable dishes of the authentic French cuisine and wine. The country has the best vineyards that produce world class champagne and wines. The cuisines and wines are not to be missed at any cost when you are to travel to France. The wines made from the grapes grown on the best French mountains are too good to be missed and you should take a bottle or two back home for your friends are family too.

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