Traveling to Adelaide with a Kid Who Has Asthma

As a career woman, I’ve always believed in managing the best of both worlds. I am a fierce leader in the boardroom but also adept at household chores. During the weekends, one of my favorite things to do is do carpet cleaning and dote on my children. I know that my time with them is not so enough and so I make sure that we get to do things together during the weekends and that I take them with them when I travel.carpet cleaning3

Part of my business trips take me to Sydney and Adelaide in Australia. I’ve already made arrangements with my bosses that I need to bring one of the children with me when I travel overseas on not so crucial trips. Since my kids have asthma, I am very particular with the hotel rooms that we stay in. There’s a favorite hotel that I always book because they make it a point to run a carpet cleaning service for the room where my kids and I stay before we arrive. They do this to make sure that all the dirt and dust and other possible allergens are removed from the room so as not to trigger an asthma attack or an allergic reaction. I was told by the hotel people that their team is one of the most reputable when it comes to residential carpet cleaning Adelaide and that they have many years of experience in the industry. This is something that impressed me and its one of the reasons that makes me come back to the hotel whenever I am in Adelaide, or in Australia, for that matter.

Traveling is part of my job description and my kids thoroughly enjoy the experience. Even if we’re staying in Adelaide, we also make it a point to see other cities in the country. So sometimes we spend the weekend at a different city but we always come back to our favorite hotel in Adelaide. Yes the one that does the impeccable carpet cleaning. My children also like the freebies they receive as well as the pancakes and their peach melba. Having somewhere to return to, almost like a home away from home, is a real treat for me and my family. So, whenever anyone asks me what I like most about going to Australia, I reply with a chuckle that it’s the carpet and rug cleaning Adelaide services that have me returning.

If people only knew that I was telling the truth.

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