Types of Car to Rent

au_car_hire2 Australia is a heavily visited country since it boasts of a lot of modern city destinations, beaches and natural travel spots. For this reason, a car rental in Sydney is an important thing that traveler’s often think about. There is a broad choice of vehicle types that travelers can choose from. Vehicle classifications fall under these categories: SUV, full-sized vans, mini vans, luxury sedans, full size sedan, standard sedan, a compact vehicle and sub-compact.  All the major car manufacturers from Asia, America and Europe are well represented in this industry.


The transmission of the vehicle is another thing that a traveler should look into. For car rental Sydney, there are only two types of transmission to choose from. It is either manual or automatic. Automatic transmission cars are more popular due to the ease in driving options. Although it comes at a higher rate, it is still preferred by most travelers.

A big mistake that travelers do on purpose is to book a manual vehicle online for the lower price then ask for an automatic later on while still hoping to get the manual price. This is close to impossible because with the volume of travelers to Sydney, chances are all car rental Sydney vehicles will be rented out by the time you get there.

For the city                                                                                                                

City travelers often prefer sub-compact cars because of its low rates and fuel efficiency that saves them on money while driving in big city traffic. Travelers who avail of car rental in Melbourne will certainly find this type of vehicle to be the perfect city car because of its size that allows it to navigate through traffic easily.

Though they seem small when viewed from the outside, these sub-compacts actually offer a lot of leg room inside. It also has a surprisingly decent sized luggage trunk space. For these reasons car hire Brisbane almost always has its inventory rented out.

For big groups

Bigger groups definitely need bigger vehicles to rent. The best choice would be to rent a van. This popular family, company and group vehicle comes in different sizes depending on the seating capacity. It comes in 7, 8 or 12-passenger capacity. The main advantage of such type of vehicle for traveling is the space that it has. In fact, it even has enough space for shopping bags.

On one hand, pick-up trucks and SUVs are best suited for long drives to the mountains or the beach because of their sturdy and tough built.

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