Zundert – One of Netherlands must-see places

southhollandThe best time to visit Netherland is during summertime, which is between the months of May to September. During this time of the year, most parts of Netherlands enjoy warm days and this is also the time when most of the town’s holidays are held.

The small town of Zundert holds its biggest flower parade in the month of September, marking its first Sunday as Bloemencorso Zundert Day. Hence, tourists from different parts of Europe and the world come to Zundert to witness its biggest event of the year and the world’s largest flower parade.

Giant floats decorated with flowers (Dahlias are grown specifically for this event) are paraded around the town with thousands of people enjoying different themed floats made of wire, cupboard and paper-mache, and entirely covered with Dahlias of different colors. The flowers are splashed with paints and other materials to create unique themes and designs mostly depicting Netherland’s culture as well as interesting motif from other countries and culture. At the end of the parade, the most applauded, and that with unique and amazing theme and design are awarded with the Best Float trophy.

Although, Zundert is a small town located at the outskirts of Breda City and several kilometers of north-east Antwerp, Belgium, getting in and around by car is more advantageous. Tourists with Auto Huren can truly enjoy the scenic views of Zundert “nurseries” and several century old windmills.

Zundert is the home of many century old windmills including the 17th century De Akkermolen, which served originally as a grain mill. Although the windmill has been restored several times, it is still one of the oldest existing mills in Netherlands. There are available arranged trips for tourists to enjoy the scenic view around this windmill. However, those who opted to use rented cars, they can easily go to Netherland’s car rentals for their car provision. To get cheap car deals, they should “Vergelijk autoverhuur” and get the best service available.

Zundert is not only famous for its Flower Parade and windmills. Moreover, it happens to be the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh and that this small town plays host to the artist’s house built in 2008 called Vincent van Gogh House with an active environment, documentation room as well as a bar with a garden terrace where visitors can enjoy a full-length presentation of the artist’s life and arts.

With its Flower Parade, century old windmills and Vincent van Gogh House, there are so many reasons why Zundert tops tourist’s must-see places in Netherlands.

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